Join our startup to help build the largest SaaS in Thailand for Thai SMEs

Our main technology stacks are;

  • Angular 13
  • Node - Typescript
  • C#.NET, Swift, Kotlin, Java-Android
  • Serverless Technologies (AWS Lambda)
  • Mono-repository (
  • Kubernetes and AWS ECS
  • MongoDB, MsSQL, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Redis, S3

    Why is this good for you?

    • The opportunity to join a tech startup and have an impact on how quality products are built for the new world customers.
    • The challenge to take on responsibilities, build functionality in sprints, and launch code in-time to serve real users, and get direct feedback from them.
    • The opportunity to work with like-minded and dynamic teams.
    • The opportunity to develop on scalable infrastructure and varieties of technologies across different cloud platforms and programming languages.
    • Opportunity to deep-dive into a complex SASS platform with multiple applications and work on mono-repository work-flow like the way Google, Microsoft, and Facebook do.
    • Learn how to deliver to thousands of users in real-time without disrupting their usage.
    • Get direct feedback from the founding team.

      Here is what you'll need day one:

      • Develop on our modern stack using: Node-Typescript, Angular, Vue.js, Dotnet, Styled Components and ES6 in a trunk-based development within workspace; you build it, you own it!
      • Work as part of a team developing applications and services using Agile development methods
      • Contribute to team and organizational improvements in the user experience
      • Build front end services for large scale, enterprise highly interactive web applications utilizing TypeScript, Angular,Vue.js and integrating Restful APIs
      • Effectively use tools and ingenuity to identify and fix defects before they become a problem
      • Understanding of web and layout technologies like ES7, CSS, Flexbox
      • You have used at least two of the following: Angular, Vue.js, Rxjs, Typescript, Node.js, .NET

      Experience needed for This Role:

      • You have 3+ years of continuous Javascript Frontend and Backend experience.
      • You have a firm grasp of Typescript and its nuances, including ES6+ syntax.
      • You are able to write well-documented, clean Javascript code.
      • You are good at working with third-party dependencies and debugging dependency conflicts.
      • You have experience with automated testing suites, like Jest and Cypress.
      • You are confident in your Git and Github skills.
      • You are confident with your HTML and CSS skills
      • You are into Object Oriented Programming (SOLID)

      Useful Skills for This Role:

      • You have used JIRA and understand what a good workflow looks like.
      • You have used code quality tools, ideally GitHub.
      • You have contributed to open-source tools or code.
      • You have used at least two of the following: Angular, Vue.JS, Rxjs, Typescript, Node.js, .NET

      Human skills we look for:

      • You are a confident communicator.
      • You are proactive about ideas and confident enough to speak up when you have an opinion.
      • You can participate in developing ideas and have a constructive dialogue with your colleagues
      • You strive to be an expert in your chosen field.
      • You love to be challenged, in and out of your day job.
      • You can understand, refine, and plan the tasks ahead.
      • You can contribute to motivating the team.
      • You understand how to stay focussed on delivering.
      • You are kind and enjoy teaching others.